Catch Me Collaborating


🤔 Have you collaborated in the past and it just went... sour?

😲 Or maybe you have collaborated before and your collaborator didn't provide you what you thought you agreed on...?

🏃‍♀️💨 Or maybe the other creative just went... MIA?

🧐 Or maybe you are a complete newbie to collaborations and you are clueless on where to even begin...

Well I have I got something for you!

Welcome to the Catch Me Collaborating course! The first collaboration course for creative Bloggers, Photographers and Brands. YES! If you fit within these three categories, this course was created just for you.

This course encompasses 10 lessons in 3 modules which walk you through the process of collaborations, from start to finish.

Module 1: #TheBasics - This is the basic foundation module that gets everyone on the same page. Even if you have collaborated before in the past, this module will ensure you are set up appropriately for the remainder modules.

Module 2: #TheTools - This is the "meat and potatoes" of the course! I will go over the 6 tools you need to pull from the "toolbox" in order to have a successful, creative collaboration.

Module 3: #TheAfterParty - The FUN module! This is where you will earn your Catch Me Collaborating BADGE to showcase your completion of this course along with the BONUS Creative Directory filled with pro-collaborative creatives ready to start collaborating RIGHT NOW! Within this module there will also be a helpful FAQ section that I will consistently add to for questions that arise from my students and how I resolved their issue. 

So pop in those earbuds, take out a notebook, have your tech handy and let's start learning all about creatives and how to collaborate with each other... successfully!

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